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A selection of magazine and newspaper articles about Antonia Campbell-Hughes. Reviews of her films and television shows.

“It’s passionately played throughout, and clearly wrenched from the gut.” — Guardian review of Kelly+Victor

“When they get into bed with each other … their darker instincts take over” — Just Jared Review: Kelly+Victor

Kelly+Victor on Channel 4

“The relationship between the two leads in Kelly + Victor feels authentic.” — Collider Review: Kelly+Victor


Guardian Feature

ust Jared Amfar

Vanity Fair Lotus Eaters

French Cinema Review

Smells Like Screen Spirit

TV Ruckus

Eye For Film


Variety: Douglas Ray interview


Irish Film Board

Screen Daily Productions News: Kelly+Victor

Screen Daily Review: The Other Side of Sleep

Screen Daily The Latest: Kelly+Victor

Screen Daily: Antonia Campbell-Hughes in talks to join Malone in Lonely Hunter

Screen Daily Review: Lotus Eaters

Screen Daily: DxM First Look

Screen Daily Review: Les Cowboys

Screen Daily: Feature

Screen Daily: Antonia Campbell-Hughes to star in Constantin biopic

Screen Daily unveils Stars of Tomorrow

Screen Daily Stars of Tomorrow

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