Kelly+Victor North American premiere at SXSW

Antonia campbell-hughes starring in Kelly+Victor with Pretty Little Liars Julian Morris.

Steamy love story, received rave reviews after its london film festival premiere in sight+sound.

“Location work is spot-on – has Liverpool ever been more accurately captured onscreen? – and mercifully Evans never judges his characters, sentimentalises their predicament or resorts to narrative clichés. Morris as Victor finds just the right level of naive sweetness, but the film really belongs to Campbell-Hughes, shaping up to be the best actor of her generation. Her Kelly is vivid, wiry, opaque; it’s a fearless portrayal, completely credible.”

— Kieron Corless (sight&sound magazine)

Lotus Eaters opens in April

Release Date: New York on April 5 before expanding to Los Angeles and VOD on April 12

Cast: Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Benn Northover, Johnny Flynn, Cynthia Fortune Ryan
Director: Alexandra McGuinness
Screenplay: Alexandra McGuinness
Producer: Mark Lee


Alice, ex-model and struggling actress, is a ‘bright young thing’ in contemporary London but finds herself unable to afford the lifestyle that her friends furiously pursue. Spending her time dodging bailiffs and sliding from one bed to the next, she struggles to make sense of a life she has become numb to. Felix, a Rastafarian and failed rock star, drifts through the center of this glamorous and vacuous scene with a depressive, clingy girlfriend and friends who like him because of his pool. Beneath this glittering surface Alice and Felix come to see each other as a way out from their own lives and each other’s chance at love.

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